Marketing for Results-Oriented Businesses

FlexMark offers a holistic approach to marketing beyond design and branding, taking into consideration product offerings, promotions, pricing and distribution. Company goals, customer preferences, and strategic opportunities define which tactics are chosen. FlexMark is an outcome-based company with a test and learn culture focused on innovation, processes, tracking and continuous improvement.

Marketing Performance

Increase Sales

Generate awareness, leads and sales with effective plans, product launches, collateral, websites and campaigns. Make your business stand out with professional branding.

Reduce Costs

Measure and analyze campaign results to focus dollars on tactics driving the highest ROI. Plan, budget and phase initiatives to better manage the company's cash flow.

Engage & Inform

Nurture customer relationships and build communities with engaging social media. Keep customers and prospects informed about new products and capabilities.



Similar to trusted relationships with accountants and attorneys, FlexMark serves successful business owners who want to start an internal marketing department but would like to begin with only part-time support.

FlexMark Advantages


Save Time

Strategically grow the business while FlexMark handles the day-to-day details of managing marketing

Return on Investment

FlexMark can develop continuous improvement processes to measure results, analyze what is working and adjust upcoming projects

Scalable Support

Increase marketing support as the business grows without paying the salary and benefits of an employee

Plans & Budgets

FlexMark translates your vision into annual marketing plans, budgets and campaigns in order to strategically grow the business

Trusted Partner

FlexMark will work onsite to learn the business, markets and competitors, and create plans and campaigns that are effective


FlexMark can help navigate Federal campaign laws, reducing the possible legal exposure of the company